Posted on 05 July 2016

antique campaign chest
Declutter in style with statement storage from Hobson May Collection! Our fabulous antique campaign chests will bring military order to any room with their excellent storage and decluttering potential.  

Historically, campaign furniture had to have a multi-functional purpose, and pieces such as these examples of campaign trunks from our collection, were made to withstand the arduous travelling conditions to war zones in the 19th century. On arrival, had to please the high aesthetic demands of the military hierarchy. These military officers expected in their camps, the quality and luxury of the beautiful items they were accustomed to in their own homes. Details such as the robust brass carrying handles, brass corner plates and side strapping were essential as well as decorative features of these handsome 19th century campaign trunks.

Due to these requirements, a number of highly skilled cabinet makers specialized in producing high quality campaign furniture to meet the exacting demands of the officer class. These standards of excellence and quality were considered a necessity, not only for the immediate comfort, convenience and authority of the officers, but to emphasize the power and stability of the expanding British Empire.

These demands are not too different from the ones we expect today, i.e. good quality, useful and attractive pieces. Storage in the modern home can present a number of problems, things in regular use but not pleasing to the eye need to be accessible but not on view. Antique campaign chests, such as the examples shown, are the ideal place to store these, i.e. boxes of old family photographs, shoes, bedding and blankets. (A camphor chest is perfect for storing woollens as moths hate the aromatic smell of the wood) There is no harm in a little military discipline when it comes to decluttering!

Once you are organised, congratulate yourself, sit back and relax. Whether in richly patinated mahogany or aromatic camphor wood, a campaign chest makes the most fabulous and eye catching coffee table! 

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